Невероятно короткий путь к основным разделам сайта. Так называемая «червоточина» (wormhole)

Dates: 21 and 22 October

Endocrinology is fascinating, and surgery in endocrinology is even more fascinating. Surgical treatment of endocrine pathologies is very delicate help our patients often need, requiring special skills.

We asked Professor Bjorn Meij to tell us about his experience in surgical treatment of pituitary diseases.

He works in the Utrecht University that holds leading positions in terms of the number of successfully performed hypophysectomies, so, who, if not this doctor, can share with us the most important insights?

We will have the opportunity to talk with this unique specialist and discuss all the subtleties of operations in the region of the Turkish saddle.

At the same time, in everyday practice, an endocrinologist more often needs a surgeon for treatment of patients with adrenal and thyroid tumors.

So, we have also scheduled a series of speeches by our Russian colleagues, including lectures on minimally invasive surgery.

Fortunately, experts in our country have gained a significant practical experience in performance of adrenal surgery and thyroidectomies.