Невероятно короткий путь к основным разделам сайта. Так называемая «червоточина» (wormhole)

The Pathomorphology and Laboratory Diagnostics streams will operate jointly this year.

Tayse Dominguez de Sousa (PhD, DVM), Professor of Veterinary Pathology and Pathophysiology of the reproductive system of dogs, will be the keynote speaker. She will speak about histological diagnostics of skin diseases of various etiology and infectious diseases pathology.

Besides, leading specialists in pathomorphology and laboratory diagnostics will share their clinical cases and best practice. We will learn the secrets of yellow cats revealed only after histological examination, the mistakes that we are sure to make after histological examination without immune histochemical studies. Why is a dog not a man, and a cat is not a small dog, even if their testicles are cut into histological preparations? Can cats have tuberculosis? We will dive into molecular diagnostics of lymphomas and mast cell tumors. Each speech is not just exchange of experience between specialists, it is also a message from veterinary pathologists to general practitioners.